motion analysis & coaching services


Motion AssessmenT

  • Accurate foot measurement

  • Posture analysis

  • Foot loading testing

  • Video analysis

  • Detailed report

  • Personal exercise program

  • Existing footwear/insole checking


  • Accurate foot measurement

  • Posture analysis

  • Motion check in selection of footwear

  • Optional treadmill run test



Footwear Fitting



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Insole fitTing


The foot is not naturally a flat shape but footwear is. Sometimes this leaves the foot with a great deal of work to do during activity that it is not quite strong enough to deal with.

Fitted insoles can distribute the load across the entire foot rather than just one position. They can help to balance the foot from uncontrolled pronation. And they can improve the comfort of footwear.

We stock 5 different pre shaped


Pre moulded prices from £27.50

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