The Active Foot Company is not just a performance product store, we have team members qualified as athletics coaches, movement coaches and highly exerienced insole fitters. This allows us to be more than just a shop. We offer a variety of services to help you with your running. Have a look around this page for more information, but feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions. (see contact options at the bottom of this page)

Sidas insole fitting

Footwear fitting

Advanced motion & technique assessments

Group coaching

Individual coaching

Training plans (beginner & intermediate athletes) 

Footwear Fitting

Advanced Assessment

Insole fitting

Prices from

  • Specific foot measurement inc width & depth.
  • Static & movement assessement.
  • Foot pressure analysis.
  • Footwear selection based upon training background and goals.
  • Service free with purchase of recommend footwear.


  • 60 minutes one-2-one session.
  • Posture & mobility test.
  • Run technique analysis.
  • Footwear/insole assessment.
  • Training planning.
  • Personal exercise plan.
  • Follow up session.
  • Sidas 3d Fitting.
  • Sidas Feetbox pressure scanner.
  • Vaious footwear fitting options.
  • Custom moulded. (appointment required)

£ 15.00



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Coaching plans

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Group sessions

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Athlete direct coaching


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