Better Movement

motion analysis & coaching services


Motion AssessmenT

Advanced Assessment

  • Accurate foot measurement

  • Posture analysis

  • Foot loading testing

  • Video analysis

  • Detailed report

  • Personal exercise program

  • Existing footwear/insole checking


  • Technique session with our UK athletics endurance specialist coach.

  • Posture analysis

  • Video analysis

  • Exercise program

  • Personal drills & warm up plan

  • 30 Minute follow up session inc

  • Accurate foot measurement

  • Posture analysis

  • Motion check in selection of footwear

  • Optional treadmill run test



Footwear Fitting



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Insole fitTing




Bespoke one 2 one program

 5 x 60 minute sessions £145.00

Up to 12 week custom made training schedule (2 weeks planned in advance, adapted following communication between athlete and coaching)

Athlete focused pre and post training routine (Warm up, cool down and mobility drills)

Weekly email and telephone communication

The program can be tailored for event goal or training phase working from the two directions of Technique & Fitness.

Our coaching commitment is to improve on the athletes weaknesses, refine strengths and establish a better structure to training.

This program is suitable for any level athlete at any endurance distance (1500m to marathon)

1 hour technique focused session

Movement and run action analysis session.

In depth posture, flexibility, balance and co-ordination testing combined with individual run analysis to produce a picture of the athlete’s current and potential ability.

Session also looks at run mechanics as a guide to footwear and /or insoles to aid function and comfort.

Summary report and a follow up 30 minute session are included in this package.

The coaching team at The Active Foot Company work on the idea of better movement first, then fitter, and finally faster or further (dependent on athletes goal). This means we work on how to improve the athlete’s functional movement. Through drills, posture triggers and run technique focus. Next, fitter comes from well planned training. Gradual progression, recovery periods, pace and intensity variety all with a development purpose. (No Junk miles) Then once   these are established the increase in distances or speed all driven towards the athlete’s goal.

We work this way with the aim to reduce injuries, enhance performance and increase enjoyment.  It’s not all coach driven. A successful program requires two way input. Communication is a key factor with all our athletes.