The Worcester based store isopen Monday - Saturday. To comply with Covid-19 distance rules we are operating an appointment system that you can book onto via our facebook page on by calling the store.


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Updating software to provide the best technical data for any sport. The Polar Vantage M is not just about how far & how fast (although if that is what you want, then it is still excellent), instant HRM graphic display for quick performance feedback. Custom screen design allowing up to 4 data elements at a time, or just focus on 1 in a big digit display. Multisport functions, water proof and easy to operate. See more info


Trail and road running at it's best. Grippy enough to handle wet and slippy surafces, outstanding on dry trails yet protective enough when dealing with road surfaces. Featuring the Hoka 'metarocker' and hypercushioned systems to encourage a more effecient ground contact and ankle action.

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Polar Vantage M

Hoka Speedgoat


Feature product

Feature product