Common questions about us and running products

Do we do ‘gait analysis’ And what is it?


The term ‘gait analysis’ has different meanings to different retailers/therapists. Over the past 20 year running specialist stores have used the assessment of ankle movement to the inside and/or outside of the foot as a guide to shoe selection. With the result being an inward movement had ‘supportive’ shoes and outward or central movement was recommended ‘cushioned’ shoes. This is a very simple gait analysis and still used by stores that haven’t moved with new learning and understanding of body movement.

We now know that reducing injury rates in runners is not a matter of purely ankle movement. Thousands of athletes, that roll inwards while running, never have an issue; like-wise many runners with a neutral (perceived to be perfect) have a whole heap of issues.

The assessment process at The Active Foot Company is significantly more than just your ankle movement. Knee & hip action is looked at alongside the ankle. Your posture, balance and foot shape are also factored in helping you select the most appropriate running shoe.

Overpronation doesn’t exist, just some people roll more than others. The correct running shoe is the one that feels the most comfortable and natural. Our analysis gets you to this point.


What is the difference between the ‘footwear fitting’ & ‘motion assessment’ services.


The footwear fitting session is everything described in the above question. We factor all that information when selecting the most suitable footwear options. Then you can try them out on the instore treadmill if you’d like. This is the way to know that you will be purchasing the best options we can find.

The motion assessment session is the opportunity for you to discuss with our team about your running and which products, including insoles, are the best recommendations. The session includes using a slow-motion capture recording of your run style, foot pressure, both static & dynamic action testing. There is no obligation to buy any products from us and following the session you will receive a written report card about the elements discussed during your 35 minutes session including any recommended exercises.